Who is Keith Kenny?

Keith Kenny is the Global VP of Sustainability at McDonald's. He received a BS in Food Science from King's College London. He joined McDonald's just two years later in 1989 and has been at the company ever since. He has held various roles in McDonald's UK, McDonald's Europe, and eventually the global team where he has been in his current role since 2015.

Most importantly, Keith has the power and responsibility to address animal cruelty in McDonald's supply chain.

Although McDonald's claims to care for animal welfare, they have failed to release a meaningful chicken welfare policy for animals used for food at McDonald's. Over 80 large companies like Subway, Starbucks, Campbell's, and Sonic have already committed to addressing these issues. McDonald's is now under public scrutiny for ignoring this momentum towards improved animal welfare. It's time for Keith to use his power to do the same as dozens of other large brands. If Keith and McDonald's truly care about sustainable farming practices, they will step up and ensure there is no space for this cruelty at McDonald's.